Eco-Friendly Couture

Sustainable Eco-Friendly Couture

Most of our materials are sourced locally and in small batches. We use dead-stock, vintage, and planet friendly materials. Most of our materials are made from natural fibers and are biodegradable. All of our gowns and  dresses are handmade with classic style and sustainable quality so they can be used throughout the years and passed on to others. 

Using dead-stock and repurposing vintage materials reduce textile waste and save energy. Choosing planet friendly materials means that our garments are made from natural fibers and are bio degradable so they are capable of decomposing unlike other manmade materials. 

Creating a timeless brand of high-quality vintage couture pieces made from biodegradable materials is something we take pride in. Whether your gown is made from dead-stock, repurposed vintage or planet friendly materials we know it will withstand the test of time and when that time finally comes it will decompose.

All of our garments are created locally here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Everything is individually hand made right down to our clothing labels. Many of our materials are limited so most of our sample dresses are unique. If we don’t have the specialized fabric the original design was made from we find the best choice of biodegradable materials for your garment. 

Custom Made

We take pride in our pattern making skills and the ability to recreate vintage garments. Whether it’s an old Hollywood dress, a San Francisco Gunne Sax Dress, or a Parisian couture gown, this process is something that ignites our passion to its core. We use all of the sustainability practices mentioned above. 


If you have something you would like to have restored please get in contact with us. This is the ultimate way to minimize your carbon footprint and preserve our earth.