Design Room Dresses


An off-the-shoulder dress is sexy and fun. You get to show a little skin with beautiful waves flowing across the neck and arms.

With this design an off-the-shoulder dress is paired with an A-line skirt. An A-line skirt is flattering on a longer torso, pear shapes and larger sizes. It has a slimming effect on the hips giving the appearance of smooth transition from waist to hem.

An A-line should flare out slightly from the widest part of the hip to the hem, at least four inches wider at the hemline. The hem on this skirt should be wide. You want it to have some weight and a little bulk. For this hem I used bridal satin double folded and finished it with a blind stitch.

To get a standing flounce its best to use fabric with a crisp drape. Around the top of the neckline there is a silk casing for an elastic or drawstring. It wraps the entire flounce from front to back. This causes each flounce to flare out or stand. A fishing line is sewn into the bottom of the flounce adding structure to each flounce creating smooth even waves.

For the bodice of the dress I chose a deep v neck with a one dart gathered bust. I originally designed this bodice in early 2000. It’s inspired by the 1930s-40s and it works well for many fabrics and sizes. This design adds a little fullness to the bust and also a little volume to the flounce. The back is a simple modest strapless back. A button on the inside connects the flounce. Simple and unique finish.

DIY Bridal Kit Coming Soon