The making of a Nautical Bridal Dress

The bodice is patterned with a wide deep v neck full back and short sleeves. The skirt is patterned for a half circle with side pockets.

The fabric selected was a famous designer off-white woven cotton with a little stretch. The outer shell of the fabric has an exquisite finish perfect for a tailored fit.

The bodice is lined with a delicate silk cotton which has a soft cotton hand.

The bodice front has two simple curved waist darts. The back has no darts, fitted with a clean finish. The bodice is interfaced with the dress fabric and the lining which is cut on the bias for stretch and sewn by hand.

The pockets are attached to each skirt panel first. Then the back skirt is connected to the two back bodice pieces. The invisible zipper is hand basted and then secured with a machine stitch. The front skirt is connected to the front bodice. The front and back are connected and now the bodice interface and lining is applied.

The sleeves are prepared by basting the caps and gathering to create the shoulder ease and set into the bodice. Bodice lining is hand stitched to the inside seams.

With the dress complete it’s now time to add the nautical stripes. The stripes are made from a navy blue chiffon. The first step is to cut six pieces on the bias that are three inches wide. The largest stripe along the hemline is about one hundred and fifty inches. Once the pieces are cut, each piece is pressed into a one inch ribbon.

To apply the beautiful couture nautical touch to the dress I start with the hemline. The dress is cut to three quarter inch short of the finished length. The first ribbon of chiffon is attached at one quarter of an inch to the hem all the way around finishing at the center back seam. It is first pinned, then basted with a final decorative scallop zig zag finished. From this stage the next stripe is place one and one quarter inches above the hemline with the same process, pin, baste, and stitch with the decorative scallop zig zag finish except the top and bottom of the ribbon is stitched to the dress. A navy bow is placed on the inside of the hem for a beautiful couture finish.

The handmade dress is finished with a handmade label. A gorgeous nautical bridal dress tailored with a heavy weight and bit of stretch.

Black Licorice Bridal Couture
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